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The information listed below is subject to change.  To verify event details, please contact the associational office.

January 2023

23           First Day of Classes, PNW Campus


February 2023

2-4          NWBC VBS Mentor Training


March 2023

2-3          NWB Foundation Board Meeting

5-12        Week of Prayer for No. American Missions and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

10-11      VBS Workshop, Lakewood Tacoma

17-18      NWB MAPS Conference, Vancouver


April 2023

9           Easter Sunday

13         IEBA Executive Board Meeting

18         New Board Member Orientation

19         NWBC Exec. Committee, NWBC, Vancouver

20         IEBA Semi-Annual Meeting

21-22    NW Women’s Summit

24-26    Church Planter Retreat, Cannon Beach

28-29    Disaster Relief Round Table, Pathway-Gresham

28          Commencement, PNW Campus

29          IEBA VBS Training


May 2023

6              Last Day of Classes, PNW Campus

5-6          Student Conference, Gresham


June 2023

13-14     SBC Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA

27-28     NWBC Executive Board

28          NWBC Nominating Committee


July 2023

15-20     NWBC Centrifuge, Aldersgate


August 2023

6-10       Collegiate Week at Falls Creek, Oklahoma

               First day of classes, PNW Campus

27-9/3   Week of Prayer for Northwest Impact Offering and Northwest Missions


September 2023

14-15     NWB Foundation Board Meeting

15-16    CM52 Kids Ministry Conference

21          IEBA Executive Board Meeting


October 2023

19          IEBA Annual Meeting


November 2023

1-2         Send Assessment Retreat

5-7         NCM Fall Student Retreat, Lakeview

13          Great Commission Celebration, Great Wolf Ldg.

13          NW Women Missions Celebration & Dessert

13          NWBC Executive Board

14          New Challenge Seminar, Great Wolf Lodge

14-15     Northwest Baptist Annual Meeting, Wolf Lodge

26-2       Week of Prayer IMB & Lottie Moon Offering


December 2023

1            IEBA Pastor & Staff Christmas Dinner

              Last day of classes, PNW Campus

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